In the early 1965 industrial growth around the World showed it’s effects also in Turkey, where majority engaged in farming. In the year 1967, Güven İş Hydraulics Limited Company was established by Ali ÇALIK to acquire the requirements of customers for hydraulic and pneumatic components used on earth moving machines. Through the years, Güven İş Hydraulics was recognized all over Turkey with a strong base of well known customers. With this reputation, Company looked after to expand it’s limits overseas into international arena. In the years 1995 PARDIS Parts Distributors Limited Company was established to become a company promising to exceed the limits of today’s customers satisfaction. Sound sales first commenced overseas followed by sales in domestic market. Today, PARDIS staff are familiar with Quality.

Assurance Systems requirements expected customers both domestic and overseas. Growth of PARDIS is due to innovative staff and their outstanding commitments to work, extensive product ranges, short delivery periods, and true understanding of it’s leadership in industry. Our goal is to handle each order promptly, deliver quality spare parts to customers on time, and at a fair price. Don’t hesitate, give us a call, we will be more than happy to prove it!